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The University of Minnesota's Multi-Axial Subassemblage Testing (MAST) Laboratory, the largest test systmem of its kind in the world, provides a powerful tool for investigationg the effects of earthquakes, hurricanes, and other extreme events on large structural components up to several stories tall.


Key features of the MAST Laboratory include:

  • Sophisticated six degrees-of-freedom (DOF) control systemthat enables application of complex multi-directional deformation or loading schemes to structural subassemblages.
  • Ability to apply large loads and deformations to test large-scale structural subassemblages including portions of beam-column frame systems, walls, tanks, and bridge piers
  • High capacity data acquisition system for collecting sensor information and three-dimensional positional information via optical measuring system.
  • Remotely-controllable telepresence capabilities including capturing of high resolution images and streaming of collected sensor, video and audio data to enable remote collaboration and detailed documentation of damage progression.


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