Krypton CMM System

Krypton Metris 3D Measurement MAST
The MAST Laboratory has one Krypton Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) system.  The system consists of a camera, infrared Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), and control hardware and software. Through triangulation, the system can calculate the 3D positions of up to 128 LEDs (MAST currently has 100 LEDs) in the camera’s 13.1 m³ field of view. Data sampling and archiving of the CMM system are synchronized with the DAQ system using TTL signals.  The CMM system can be used to perform as-built verifications of specimens, generating metadata associated with sensor locations, and measuring 3D displacements of the structural surface.  MAST staff recommends that the user not solely rely on the Krypton system and take redundant data using a different type of sensor for important data.

CMM Manufacturer Specifications (units are shown in metric):

  • Noise (1σ): 0.01 mm
  • Field-of-view: 13.1 m³ distributed into three accuracy zones as shown in the following figure.

Krypton Metris 3D Measurement MAST

CMM Accuracy

Volumetric Accuracy

Single Point Accuracy
I 90 μm + 10 μm/m 60 μm + 7 μm/m
II 90 μm + 25 μm/m 60 μm + 17 μm/m
III 190 μm +25 μm/m 130 μm + 17 μm/m